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Amber Education was founded in 1999 and has been providing professional consultation services to thousands of students with their applications to the UK’s elite universities ever since. Having had 16 years’ experience working in the international education sector with 9 offices across Hong Kong and China, Amber Education decided to expand its business by opening a new office in central London in June 2015.

Amber Education is expanding their scope of business to offering the guardianship service for international students. We try to match our host families to our students as closely as possible in terms of the outlook of their life and hobbies, and most students will return to the same host family for all their stays.

Hosts are highly encouraged to include students in family life sometime and to arrange activities and excursions, and students are expected to respect their host family’s way of life in return for being accepted as a family member. Both hosts and students are given guidelines explaining what is expected of each of them.

All our host families are regularly visited and inspected by us. Additionally, they formally undertake to protect and care for the students in their charge, and are checked against the British police database by way of an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check. Legal guardianship remains with Quest Guardians during a student’s host family stay.

How do I apply to become a host family for Amber?

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