Postgraduate Study


why should you choose the UK for postgraduate study?

Students from all over the world choose to study in the UK for masters or PhD-level qualifications every year mainly because UK is well known a melting pot where you can basically meet people all over the word, the quality of postgraduate education are always guaranteed.

Type of Master/ Postgraduate Degree

Postgraduate courses in the UK fall into two broad categories: taught Master and research-based Master.

Taught Master

Taught postgraduate programmes usually result in a Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Arts (MA). Sometimes you can take a limited part of a masters degree course, which can be credited as a postgraduate diploma. Taught masters are usually 12 months full-time (or 24 months part-time) in duration and are similar to bachelors degrees in that they are delivered and assessed through a series of taught modules and may include independent research in the specialised subject area. Taught masters may include continuous assessment, examinations and the final assessment for a masters degree is often based on the submission of a dissertation, usually of between 10,000–20,000 words.

Research degrees

  –   Masters programmes by research (MSc, Phil, MRes)

   Masters programmes by research usually last 1 year and they involve carrying out your own research, whilst being supervised by an experienced academic. Students often choose to follow this course of study if they are looking to ultimately move on to studying for a PhD.

  –   Doctorates (PhD)

Research degrees involve students taking much more responsibility for their work and time management. Having devised a substantial research project, students are assigned an experience academic to supervise their work. Students are then required to produce a written thesis which is then reinforced by means of an oral examination. The most well-known research degree is a PhD.

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