Global Education Expo 2022 drew to a successful close, with everyone feeling joyous and happy. 

"Global Education Expo 2022" (“GEE”) is the largest andmost informative education exhibition of the year. It is co-organized by AmberEducation, aec Education Consultancy, and Coopers & Coopers Limited. Arounda hundred colleges, primary and boarding schools, tertiary and continuingeducation institutions from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Singapore,China and Hong Kong will provide local and overseas education information and makea joint effort to promote the globalization of education.

Although the pandemic has impacted the world greatly, Hong Kongstudents’ interest to study abroad has been unwavering. Destinations for furtherstudies are no longer limited to the United Kingdom and Australia; In recentyears, more parents and students have considered alternative options such asCanada, Singapore etc., which shows that education is now globalized. As such,GEE acts as an important platform for students who wish to pursue studiesoverseas to explore choices and opportunities by engaging with schoolrepresentatives directly. GEE also allows students to understand more abouteducation and relevant career prospects on an international level, thusidentify directions for further studies.


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