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The majority of UK boarding schools require oversea student to have UK guardian. A guardian should be a responsible adult living in the UK who can provide full support to the student on behalf of their parents. For those parents who do not have a family friend to act as guardian, then they have the opportunity of choosing UK Guardianship Organisation to act as an education guardian for their children. This not only satisfies the boarding schools’ requirements, but also the UK Visa and Immigration guidelines and keeps international students safe while they are not in school and are unaccompanied. 





This is also the time to express our gratitude for your very good support during exciting and sometimes insecure times. It was always good to have you and your organization at our side. You did a lovely job and were always respectful and attentive.
I can very much recommend your organization and the customized contract for our particular needs.

Best wishes
Suzanne (Germany)
My child has been studying at the Queen ’s College in the UK since September 2019. My daughter is very fortunate to be under Amber guardianship UK. When my daughter arrived in the UK, she had encountered a lot of difficulties that she had not experienced in China, whether in her studies or social relationship. Due to the cultural difference, she went through a very difficult time in the first few months and even had some quarrels with her teachers. My daughter faced great contusions and it even affected her mental health. I worried her so much that I was on the brink of collapse. I was thinking of finding a psychiatrist to help my daughter.
After I communicated with the guardian, she shifted my thinking a bit and has taken some pressure off.She also helped me to understand my daughter’s situation.She was very professional. She called my daughter regularly, to chat, to offer her comfort, to help her understand.After a few chats with my daughter, She told me that my daughter’s reaction was very normal, especially for the fresher. She also told me that my daughter had the ability to sort things out, with the help from the school and the guardian. She was right. My daughter integrates into the school life gradually and I could feel a peace of mind about my daughter eventually. Mei’s judgment is correct. Mei has a very good understanding of child mental development. She understands my child’s strengths and weaknesses and help her develop, both personally and academically. She also explained it to me clearly. She communicated with the teachers regularly to boost my child’s academic and personality performance. This is the guardianship that most parents need.
What I appreciated most is that she does not account for her personal gains and losses, and always offer my daughter and me the help we need. Mei is the best guardian I have ever seen. I am sure that I will rely on Mei’s help until my daughter finishes her studies in the UK.

Thank you
Ding Wanping

I have placed my son under Amber Guardianships UK since 1st Sep 2019 when he started his studies at a UK boarding school. The team is very responsible and takes good care of my son. Amber Guardianships is a trustworthy organisation. The staffs are very professional. They have built up very stong relationship with my son's school, the host family. Their arrangement for the holiday travel bookings and homestay is excellent. The staffs are also very helpful and deal with the problems efficiently. They never let me have any worries. I am very happy to place my son under the care of Amber Guardianship.

Best wishes
Amber Guardianships is my right choice for my child's guardianship in the UK. For the past nine months, the dedicated education guardian took care of my son and provided valuable advice, both academical and personal development. she helped my child release stress from settling in the uk boarding school. the guardian coordinator has actively cooperated with the school, the host family and arranged my child's holiday arrangement smoothly.In a nutshell, their professional team has give me a lot of support that, when I knew thy are here. I always felt peace of mind. I have no reservation to provide my full support for Amber Guardianships to apply for AEGIS membership.

Best regards


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